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3095 E. Russell Rd.,
Suite D,
Las Vegas, NV 89120
702-855-0455 Office
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Please read our employee profiles below!
Sherryl Baca - CEO, Corporate Broker, CAM
Phone: 702-855-0455 
I came to Las Vegas in 1981 pursuing career and education opportunities. I have worked diligently during my career to keep my educational pursuits current with the changing world. I have a variety of skills and knowledge that has ultimately led to the formation of my company, Community Management & Sales.

I am formally educated in a variety of fields, such as accounting, business management, computer technology, personnel supervision, contract negotiation, sales, finance and several other interests. I entered the real estate field and immediately became successful. I was determined to enter the construction industry through the channels I opened in the real estate industry.

After spending several years in the real estate industry, I went to work for a premier custom homebuilder in Las Vegas. Throughout the five years spent exclusively in the homebuilding industry, I faced challenges that only served to make me a better leader.

During these years, I realized that quality community management was severely needed. Most of the communities were contracted to large firms, whose managers had probably never set foot on the property they were responsible for. I decided to give the people what it was they deserve: a manager with a desire to make conscientious choices for the greater good of the communities she managed.

My business has grown by the best of all possible ways, word of mouth. I look at every issue that presents itself as an opportunity to create something positive out of a potential negative situation.

I enjoy working with the public and facing new challenges each and every day. My attitude toward life presents itself in every facet of my business. I will be a success in whatever I choose to do.

June Yee - Accounting Department Manager
Phone: 702-855-0455 

Daniel Sturiale - Compliance Officer
Phone: 702-855-0455 

Darrelyn Finster - Accounts Payable
Phone: 702-855-0455 

Rachel Fox-Green - Receptionist/Office Admin
Phone: 702-855-0455 

Kathy Marlow - Real Estate and Property Management
Phone: 702-855-0455 


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Las Vegas - 3095 E. Russell Rd., Ste D, Las Vegas, NV 89120, Office:702-855-0455 Fax: 702-855-0459
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